Things we do

You name it we do it. Because we put ideas first and curate aspects of their execution and craft from outside sources, we’re agnostic about what forms they take. In English, we like to connect people to interesting stuff, but we’re wide open to what that stuff will be. We don’t, however, buy media or provide media relations.

Basically, everything we do breaks down into four areas:

  1. Brands – What are you all about? What’s at the core of your interesting?
  2. Ideas – What are interesting ways in which we could present that?
  3. Execution – What form best serves the idea?
  4. Craft – How do we bring the idea to life in an exceptional way?

If you have a brand and just need some new ideas, execution and craft. That’s cool. We’re down with that.

But if you don’t have a brand, we’d ask you to consider letting us help you set the foundations for one. We feel strongly every piece of communication should build on the last and if you’re not building toward something bigger with everything you do, you’re better off spending your money on other aspects of your business.