Baja Mining

The Project

Baja Mining is a Vancouver-based company building a copper mine outside Santa Rosalia on the Baja of California, Mexico. Staked in 1994, but not fully-funded and operational until 2009/10, the company was experiencing a period of extreme growth. Expanding rapidly from a small, tightly knit corporate culture built and defined by a few dozen people to an operational mine employing a few thousand, Baja needed to capture its corporate culture on paper. Quickly.

The Interesting

Baja succeeds in an artful marriage of their intuitive and rational sides: like Spock and Kirk in one body. They’re comfortable acting on instinct, but know they need the discipline of their finance, engineering and science (lots of PhDs, MBAs and PEngs kicking about) backgrounds to prove those hunches out. This ‘idealism in practice’ became the core of Baja’s own kind of interesting.

The Design

Pearly & White

The Materials

Brand Blueprint, Annual Report, Print Advertising, and Trade Show Materials.