Earth Summit 2012

The Project

Earth Summit 2012 was a coalition of non-governmental organizations united to bring a cohesive Canadian vision to the Earth Summit 2012 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The coalition was a diverse group with interests from every end of the environmentalism and sustainability spectrums. How to contain such diversity within the context of a single platform?

The Interesting
Ultimately, it’s not about the organizations, but the people whose lives they hope to improve. At its most general, helping people and the planet is a very broad goal. The enormity of the task can feel overwhelming and disempowering. But we can all do something, even if it’s a small thing. We can write letters, change habits, and share our opinions.

We decided to ask Canadians what they felt they could do and what they’d like to be put forward to the world on their behalf. By crowd-sourcing Earth Summit policy, we encouraged Canadians to think about what they can do to help and make an empowering statement about their beliefs and actions. We were able to embrace a broad spectrum of viewpoints and develop a cohesive Canadian plan of action for the Earth Summit.

The Design

Pearly & White

The Materials

Identity/Logo, Campaign Concept, Corporate Video, Website Copywriting.