Rocky Mountain Bikes

The Project
In 2011, Rocky launched two new editions of two of their premier bikes: The Element and The Slayer.

The Slayer is a versatile downhill mountain bike. The key word there being “downhill.” People ride it for the thrill of the descent. It is, however, light enough that it can be ridden uphill, unlike some downhill monsters so heavy that the uphill is a chore or even forgone completely for a shuttle. Rocky had actually improved The Slayer’s uphill performance this time around while maintaining the build that made it a downhill pleasure.

The Element is a thoroughbred racing bike, designed for those who raise for real or aspire to be like those who race for real. Rocky stripped away weight and increased performance in this edition, making a thoroughbred an even thorough-er bred.

The Interesting
The Slayer: Down is fun. Up is work. But the new Slayer is going to give your more up, so you can have more down. The Element: Get to work on your victory speech. This bike is fast.

The Design

Pearly & White

The Materials

Print Advertising, Trade Show Banners, and Point of Sale.