The Juice Cleanse

The Project
The Juice Truck made its appearance at the corner of Water and Abbott in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood in 2011. It was a big hit. From nearly the beginning, the owners got requests for a juice cleanse. They’re popular, need to be fresher than fresh, and not locally available.

Glasfurd & Walker designed the original Juice Truck identity and were hired to develop the juice cleanse brand extension. They, in turn, asked us to develop tone and manner for the new brand’s language.

The Interesting
The packaging is clean, elegant, and colourful: a reflection of the guys behind it. It made sense that the language should be the same: straight-forward and informative, but playful and fun. Kale is good for you and kind of a funny word. We just took it from there.

The Design

Glasfurd & Walker

The Materials

Copywriting: Packaging, Website, and Advertising.