Wines of British Columbia

The Project
The British Columbia Wine Institute is responsible for the marketing of the Wines of British Columbia (BC VQA) and Wine Regions of British Columbia brands on behalf of the wineries of British Columbia. The BCWI had spent the 90s and early 00s working toward the simple goal of gaining acceptance and credibility from the wine-drinking public: to get to a point where British Columbia was looking and feeling like a wine region that could make great wine.

We were hired to help BC move beyond representing the idea of a wine region in the macro sense and define what British Columbia represented in the micro one. What is and would be the future of the culture of BC wine?

The Interesting

British Columbia is and always will be the most micro of micro wine regions. There simply isn’t enough land here to have a wine industry on the scale of an Australia or California. They make more Yellowtail Merlot than all of our wine output combined.

Fortunately, in wine, small is a beautiful thing. The more regional, the more nuanced, the more idiosyncratic a wine region is, the more desirable it becomes. British Columbia has all of that in spades: winemakers that work their tasting rooms, owners in the vineyards on a daily basis, soil and climate that varies greatly region to region. It was simply a matter of celebrating the unique intimacy the culture of our wine region offers and loving what makes it uniquely BC.

The Design

Pearly & White

The Materials

Brand Blueprint, Identity/Logo, Positioning Statement, Stationery Package, Point of Sale Displays, Annual Report, Media Kit, Trade Show Booth, Tour Itineraries, Mapping, Event Concepts, E-Newsletter, Print and Online Advertising, and Website.