What kind?

We said before that brands aren’t like people, but actually they are a little. Or at least we have aspirations that they be people-like, that we be able to feel their presence, which is, in a lot of ways, the very essence of human. Forgive our contradictions, they’re part of our very own kind of interesting.



Your what-kind-of-interesting is the bridge between your brand and its audience. Note: Not its consumers. People are so much more than consumers of goods and it’s very uninteresting to lose track of that. They’re your audience. Put on a performance to remember.

Your own kind of interesting informs choices of language, colour, typography, photography, cinematography, sound, movement, music and style. It’s how your brand inhabits the world in which we all live. It’s how we breathe a puff of air into it to make it live and then send it out in the world to make it a more interesting place to be.