BC VQA Wine Stores

The Project

The BC VQA Wine Stores are a group of independent, BC-only wine stores licensed by the British Columbia Wine Institute. We were hired to help them define and develop a cohesive brand strategy that allowed them to continue to operate as independent stores with their own identities, but also embrace a collective voice.

The Interesting
Wine is notoriously snobby. British Columbia is not a notoriously snobby place. It seemed true that building a culture of BC wine would promote the desnobification of wine geekery. Approachability was also a commonality of the 18 BC VQA wine stores. Despite differing locations, audiences and retail environments, each was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and fully invested in the demystification of wine, generally, and British Columbian wine, specifically. The BC VQA Wine Stores are a kinder, gentler place to learn to love local wine.

The Design

Pearly & White

The Materials

Brand Blueprint, Identity/Logo, Signage, Shopping Bags and Print Advertising.