The how

Laugh. Sure business can get serious, but the business of it doesn’t have to be.

We’re especially fond of the kind of laughter where your shoulders go up and down but no sound comes out of your mouth. As you get older, sometimes there’s a wheeze in there too. Laughter like that shakes loose ideas like apples drop out of a tree in fall. In the future, it will be proven scientifically. Maybe it has already? Surely someone somewhere has studied the effectiveness of laughter on creativity? For now, we just know it to be true.

We’re not suggesting that all ideas should, by necessity, be funny or evoke laughter. Far from it. That’s like living on an all hot-dog diet. Hot dogs are great, even the veggie ones, especially with small squirts of mayo, mustard and ketchup, but not every day for every meal. One can only eat so much delicious smoked snout.

Laughter is the way we work. There is an inexplicable joy even in creating ideas around the most serious of subjects. New ideas are births of a sort and those are always worth celebrating.