The key

Go with intuition over rationalization every time. Don’t let your brain take over.

With an idea, it’s either there or it isn’t and you know it immediately, but you don’t know it in your head. You know it in your gut, heart, elbow, or wherever you store that feeling. It’s sort of a tingly, smily, I-just-like-that-because-I-like-that feeling. That one. Just go with that one and you’ll never make the wrong choice.

If your brain starts asking too many questions, we suggest getting it a nice Sudoku to do because it’s trying to work up a fake fear. Sudoku! So many numbers. So much organization. So fun! To be inclusive, it can also proof the spelling later on. Brains are our friends. They’re great at budgets. Fantastic at navigating maps. We just can’t let them make the decisions about new ideas.

We like to work intuitively and that’s how we’d like you to work with us. Maybe you do already? Super good. If you don’t, you’ll like it. It might take some getting used to, depending on where you’re at with your intuition as the brain likes listening to itself talk and is great at convincing us it has important things to say. But there’s a smarter voice in there if you listen and it has the really good ideas and recognizes them when it sees them.