CedarCreek Estate Winery

The Project
CedarCreek Estate Winery is one of British Columbia’s oldest, and best, wineries. They’ve spent 25 years, and counting, honing their craft, acquiring exceptional vineyards and talent, and investing in the best winemaking equipment available. The barrel room alone is a thing of beauty.

They approached us at a point in which they felt their labels needed a redo, but first wanted to establish in concrete terms who they were and how to better position themselves for the future. Through a brand blueprint process, we investigated and outlined the core essence of the brand and better positioned the winery to move forward in exploring design options with a decision-making framework in place.

The Interesting
CedarCreek obsesses over details because they believe wine is hundreds of little decisions that add up to what you find in the bottle: decisions you have to make with integrity and a commitment to doing the right, not easy, cheap or fast, thing. Get one wrong and you’ll know it. And unlike golf, there are no mulligans in wine, just sub-standard wines and vintages. Not here.

The Design

Pearly & White

The Materials

Brand Blueprint, Positioning Statement, Print and Online Advertising, Point of Sale Displays, Radio, Product Cards, Label Copywriting, Wine Club Collateral, and E-Newsletters.